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Stuttering / Stammering (FLUENCY DISORDERS)
is a handicap that targets from 2% - 4% of the world’s population.

In Italy alone there are more than one and a half million afflicted.

The Stendoro Rocca Method and Cure is our message of hope to them.

13 years old boy
Dear Renzo and Giorgio, I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave to me.
You are very special people because you help other teenagers with my same problem from your heart.
I have made giant steps with you and already speak fluently.
I’ll never forget you.
With my affection and wishing you a Happy Christmas."

23 years old boy
Now I can say that I have reached my highest goal in life: FLUENCY.
At times I still have slight hesitation in situations when I am over anxious or emotional: using a metafor, I can say that I’ve reached the top of a pyramid and there is only a tiny step to complete success.
With your help and suggestions it won’t take long now.
Thank you for everything, you have given me a new chance to live my youth: at 20 years of age I can finally speak my thoughts and adventures to anyone.
A warm and affectionate thank you."

54 years old adult male
Your cure for my stuttering in Milan recently seems even easier to me now as it was easy to apprehend, with the enormous advantage of almost immediate positive results, unthinkable in those few weeks.
My only “regret” is that I did not have the opportunity to encounter your technique when I was a child.
My life would have been much different! Just the same I am grateful that I finally did have this opportunity which will give me the confidence and possibility to take an active part in situations which I had feared impossibile before meeting.

45 years old adult male
My life has changed since I began this therapy two months ago.
My stuttering has slowly regressed.
I can easily take part in conversation with others and I can give my opinions without blocking and hesitating in front of others; finally I am able to tell jokes without interruption half way through.
My thanks to the Specialists who offered me the possibility to begin a new life."

14 year old girl
I am a very happy girl now because, unlike two months ago, I can have many girlfriends, I speak with boys I didn’t know existed; new friendships where I can discuss family problems openly. Above all I now have a girlfriend.
I am talking more than I had in 14 years!!!"

31 years adult male
"I recognize more and more benefits after every conversation when I realize how relaxed I am now.
I no longer feel that sort of burning sensation in the throat and vocal cords, and above all, I realize that now I have said exactly what I wanted to say."

17 years old boy
FREE AT LAST! Enough with the fear of talking to strangers; enough with my voice crippled and imprisoned by my vocal cords; enough with being hardly able to read aloud; finally my voice is liberated."

8 years old boy and his parents
Dear Giorgio, how are you doing in America? It is Winter here and very cold, but soon Christmas will be here.
I have already written a letter to Santa Claus, but I received the biggest gift this year from you!
Dear Prof. Stendoro, our wish that the New Year will bring you the same happiness and serenity that you were capable of offering to our family."

60 years old man
Stuttering was my misfortune.
When I reached middle age I thought that I would never have a future.
Then I began your therapy. Now it seems only right and fair to thank you for giving us the chance to cure that handicap.
In my lifetime I have seen many doctors, but this was the first time I found them to be so sincerely devoted to method and patient with great humanity."

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